Avaya International Engage 2019

Notes from Avaya Engage 2019, Dubai. See https://talkingpointz.com/avaya-engage-dubai

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Avaya International Engage 2019 by Mind Map: Avaya International Engage 2019

1. Key Messages

1.1. To Partners

1.1.1. Cloud leads to agility and innovation

1.1.2. Break into new markets

1.1.3. Chart a path to the cloud

1.1.4. Avaya is a cloud company

1.2. Customers

1.2.1. use Tech for Innovative Advantage

1.2.2. Dubai Police Awards

2. General

2.1. Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, UAE

2.2. Audience

2.2.1. Day 1 Partners

2.2.2. Day 2 customers

2.3. For More Information

3. Major Themes

3.1. Cloud

3.1.1. CCaaS Coming to UAE next Qtr CCaaS is broader than CC New Channels SLAs Payment Gateways Security Compliance Networking Performance Mgmt AI

3.1.2. Spaces Conferencing Audio Video File Sharing Web App Freemium Included with subscription pricing

3.1.3. ReadyNow Productized fast path to Priv Cloud UC CC Convenient Automated Hybrid

3.1.4. CPaaS Expanding Internationally (was Zang US) Built Spaces with Avaya CPaaS

3.1.5. RingCentral UCaaS Details Coming Avaya Cloud Office by RC

3.1.6. Cloud or Not Subscription Pricing Opex UC and/or CC Path to the cloud Monthly or Annual Payments Includes Updates Flex up to 20% Onespace Universal frontend Web Based Innovative Employee Sat DaaS Avaya endpoint rental program Expanding to Europe Phones and Headsets

3.2. Innovation

3.2.1. Dubai Police Awards

3.2.2. Ecosystem

3.3. Growth

3.3.1. Prem to Cloud

3.3.2. Overall

3.4. AI

3.4.1. Customer centricity

3.4.2. Employee Engagement

3.5. Gratitude and Respect

3.5.1. Awards

3.6. Cloud Broadens Opportunities

3.6.1. CC is evolving into many adjacencies

3.6.2. Creating a larger partner opportunity

4. Observations

4.1. Impressive Partner Ecosystem

4.2. Innovative Hardware

4.2.1. CU360 Getting Auto Tracking Use Vantage Phone for Control

4.2.2. Headsets Quick/universal connetors

4.2.3. Vantage Phones Modular Colorful Wireless With or Without Camera Open SIP fits RC V3.0 Coming Soon

4.2.4. new Video Room equipment DECT phone

4.3. Complementary News

4.3.1. Google AI for CC - GA

4.3.2. H3 Dynamics Uses Avaya comms with drones Audio/video to CC

4.4. Avaya International

4.4.1. Team Focused on Customer Satisfaction Low Turnover Staff Customers Much more than Sales Leading CCaaS OneSpace IoT Security

4.4.2. Channel Partners Healthy Sophisticated Global

4.4.3. Customers BIG Arma dei Carabinieri (Itlay) Dnata AssisTT (BPO) PPG Dubai Police Dubai NXB Global Innovative Industrial Bank of Korea Complex Loyal

4.4.4. Growing Esp Russia China UAE

5. Concerns

5.1. Decline in revenue due to aaS

5.1.1. RingCentral

5.1.2. DaaS

5.1.3. Subscription Pricing

5.1.4. CCaaS

5.2. Spoken?

5.3. UCaaS

5.3.1. RC is a new Revenue Opportunity

5.3.2. Will RC fit with current partners?

5.3.3. Migration tools

5.4. Spaces v Glip

5.5. Delivery Credibility

5.6. CTO and CMO

5.7. AI

5.7.1. Affinity MIA

5.7.2. Google AI for CC unproven

5.7.3. ACI (Intelligent Wire)