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1. supervision is the activity carried out by supervisors to oversee the productivity and progress of employees who report directly to supervisors.

2. 1.what is supervision?

3. 2. viewpoints on the capacity of supervisors

3.1. a)THE KEY PERSON : an important person in ensuring smooth communication between top management and the workers

3.2. b) THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE : pressured and sandwiched by between two opposing forces (top management-the workers)

3.3. c) THE MARGINAL MAN : a supervisor is left out of principal activities and it's not accepted as part of the mamagement.

3.4. d) THE BEHAVIORAL SPECIALIST : an expert in urderstanding the behavior of employee.

3.5. e) ANOTHER WORKER : supervisor as someone who is not so different from a normal worker. they also do not have power to make decisions.

4. 4.Mentoring

4.1. a) mentoring is a process focuses on providing guidance, direction and career advice

4.2. b) reasons :

4.2.1. 1.skills enhancement

4.2.2. 2.professional identity

4.2.3. development

4.2.4. 4.leadership and management development

4.2.5. support

4.2.6. 6.organizational development and culture change

4.2.7. 7. staff retention

4.2.8. 8. knowledge transfer

4.3. c) functions of mentoring

4.3.1. CAREER FUNCTIONS 1.coaching 2.challenging assignments

4.3.2. PSYCHOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS 1.role modelling 2.acceptance and confirmation

4.4. d) how to be a good mentor?

4.4.1. Good listener

4.4.2. character builder

4.4.3. team playeer

4.4.4. knowledgeable

4.5. e) benefits

4.5.1. career advancement

4.5.2. learning opportunities

4.5.3. personal support

4.5.4. increased confidence

4.6. f) disadvantages

4.6.1. 1.neglect of core jon

4.6.2. 2.lack of time

4.6.3. resources

4.6.4. costs