Unit 8 Review

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Unit 8 Review by Mind Map: Unit 8 Review

1. the idea that dealing with texts can be done in two ways. A process oriented approach focusses on building the skills to deal with all kinds of similar texts, e.g. the listening strategy of focussing on key words. A product approach deals with trying to understand that single text as fully as possible. This might include pre-teaching vocabulary that features in the text.

2. Picture: 'start with your beliefs'

2.1. We looked at how our beliefs underlie the materials we create, so it is important to be aware of them to develop as materials creators.

3. grey stripe

3.1. This relates to Activity 2.2. It's an optical illusion that leads in to the topic of context.

4. Parsnips

4.1. Variously interpreted as Pork, alcohol, religion, sex, narcotics, - isms, politics, s____ and is an acronym to cover things coursebook writers don't want to include in their coursebooks, or that teachers shy away from dealing with in class due to fear of offending people

5. pictures of recipes

5.1. We looked at how different types of task affected memorisation of vocabulary. More contextualised and more personalised tasks help retention

6. Exercise: Have you got your/you're phone?

6.1. This was an idea proposed by ____ for bottom up skills dev elopment based on rectifying the problem that very slight misinterpretations in listening to texts could cause great misunderstandings.

7. 'recycle' wordcloud

8. process oriented/product oriented

9. adjectives: happy, excited, tender, scared etc.

10. elements of design wordcloud

10.1. In this section we looked at the many elements that make up good design. One over-arching theme was that good design is as simple as possible, and the holy grail is that it is so simply good that it goes unnoticed, leaving the meaning and message to come to the fore.