Sparkle Restoration Mold Remediation & Restoration Project Process

Sparkle Restoration Emergency Water Damage Project Process

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Sparkle Restoration Mold Remediation & Restoration Project Process by Mind Map: Sparkle Restoration Mold Remediation & Restoration Project Process

1. Call comes in

1.1. Prospect info intake

1.1.1. Referral Source Google Yelp! Personal Referral, if yes provide name Other, please specify

1.1.2. Home phone

1.1.3. Cell phone

1.1.4. E-mail address

1.1.5. Mold Category Condition 1 (normal fungal ecology) Condition 2 (settled spores from affected area) Condition 3 (actual growth whether active or dormant)

1.1.6. Property Address

1.1.7. Insurance claim? Yes Insurance carrier name Claim number (not mandatory) Adjuster name and contact info (not mandatory) No Undecided

1.1.8. Year property built? Before 1980 Schedule asbestos testing

1.1.9. Environmental Report Available Yes Obtain No Assess whether baseline testing is needed

2. Action steps

2.1. Assign a Project Manager and schedule an onsite assessment

2.1.1. Assess damage Pictures Site diagram Moisture map Remediation strategy / equipment needed Needs contents remediation Yes No

2.1.2. Provide preliminary estimate

2.1.3. Get service agreement / Direction of Payment form signed Schedule service crew Work path protection Contents manipulation Remediation chamber Demolition Setup drying equipment Monitor drying process Detailed cleaning (sanding, HEPA vacuuming & sanitizing Post-mitigation testing?

2.1.4. Schedule trash containment delivery

2.1.5. Contents Pack-out? Yes Schedule Sub No

2.1.6. Assign Sparkle invoice number

2.1.7. Provide customer access to Project Portal

2.2. Collect mold remediation payment

2.3. Provide Restoration SOW to homeowner & insurance company

2.4. Customer signs restoration service agreement

2.4.1. Collect restoration deposit

2.5. Schedule Restoration Trades

2.5.1. Plumbing

2.5.2. Electrical

2.5.3. Insulation / drywall

2.5.4. Painting

2.5.5. Cabinetry

2.5.6. Countertop fabricator

2.5.7. Flooring

2.5.8. Finish carpentry

2.5.9. Appliance installation

2.5.10. Post-construction cleaning

2.5.11. Contents reset

2.6. Final Walkthrough / Client Satisfaction Certificate Signed

2.7. Collect Final Payment