Becoming a Thought Leader

Becoming a Thought Leader

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Becoming a Thought Leader by Mind Map: Becoming a Thought Leader

1. Learning Styles

1.1. This influences the students ability for:

2. Learning Theories

2.1. Constructivism

2.2. Cognitivism

2.3. Behaviourism

2.4. Connectivism

3. Blended Learning


5. What makes a Thought Leader?

5.1. Thought Leaders are THINKERS:

5.2. They have an IMPACT

6. incorporates

7. My Philosophy

7.1. Firm believer that we are lifelong learners especially when one is willing to acquire knowledge

7.2. Thought Leader thoeries:

8. Although there's a strong acceptance of the internal processes associated with learning and knowledge acquisition, and that learning means a change in understanding and behaviour.