Ciencia y Tecnología

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Ciencia y Tecnología by Mind Map: Ciencia y Tecnología

1. Oral production Oral comprehension Written comprehension Written production Sociolinguistic and sociocultural

2. Procedure

2.1. Oral comprehension

2.2. Written comprehension

2.3. Written production

2.4. Sociolinguistic and sociocultural

3. Acttitudes

3.1. Uso juicioso del tiempo que se dedica a la interacción a través de las TIC.

4. Conceptuals

4.1. Vocabulary

4.2. Expressions

4.3. Grammar

4.4. Pronunciation

5. Specific Competences

6. Achievement indicator

7. Learning Activities

8. Techniques and instruments of Evaluation

8.1. Concept Mapping One Minute Paper Class diary Annotated Portfolios Checklist Quizzes and Exams Rubric

9. Teaching Activities