the Holland code

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the Holland code by Mind Map: the Holland code

1. realistic (do-ers)

1.1. prefer technical. outdoor and athletic pursuits.

1.2. job examples: farmers, mechanical assemblers.

1.3. people who have athletic or mechanical ability. prefer to work with objects, mechanics, tools, plants, or animals. prefer to work with concrete problems rather than abstract problems.

2. investigative (thinkers)

2.1. prefers scientific. research and intellectual pursuits.

2.2. job examples: doctors, engineers, and scientific researchers.

2.3. people who like to observe and learn, investigate, analyze, evaluation, or solve problems. primarily of a scientific or mathematical nature. prefer working with ideas.

3. artistic (creators)

3.1. prefer creativness

3.2. job examples: actors, designers, poets, and photographers.

3.3. people who creative, artistic, and innovative ability. like to work with unstructured situations and solve them with creativity. prefer working with self-expressing ideas.

4. social (helpers)

4.1. prefer helping.

4.2. people who like to work with people. to inform, enlighten, help, train, or cure them. prefer solving problems through discussion. do not prefer working with things.

4.3. job examples: educators, social workers.

5. enterprising (persuaders)

5.1. prefers leadership

5.2. people who also like to work with people. influencing, persuading, leading, and managing them for economic gain. or for the goals of the organization. enjoy leadership positions, and dislikes details.

5.3. job examples: salesman, business managers, and lawyers.

6. conventional (organizers)

6.1. prefers data.

6.2. people who like to work with data, they have numerical ability. carrying things out in detail or following through on other’s instructions. prefer structured situations over vague ones.

6.3. job examples: accountant, secretary, and librarian.