Kami's Intellectual Autobiography

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Kami's Intellectual Autobiography by Mind Map: Kami's Intellectual Autobiography

1. Major Accomplishments

1.1. High School graduation 2015

1.1.1. Academics in Alabama were not as progressed as schools in Georgia. I was forced to take advanced classes and challenge myself. High School graduation made me extremely anxious for college. I was very curious and amazed by college life.

1.2. Acceptance into a four year University, University of South Alabama

1.2.1. I applied to this University because I had dreams of becoming a business major and this school was top in the state. I fell in love with the campus immediately and was eager for my new journey.

2. Personal Timeline

2.1. Stone Mountain, Ga June 14,1997

2.2. June 2013 I moved to the state of Alabama. My mother moved to Alabama the year before and left me behind with my father. Living with my father lead me to a restrictive life and for that reason I followed my mother to Alabama.

2.3. I got my first job at Bojangles in August of 2014. This experience taught me the importance of independence. I enjoyed working and having my own money.

2.4. I took a leap of faith May 2016 and signed a lease for my first apartment at 18.

2.4.1. Living by myself furthered my independence and assured me that I could take care of myself.

2.4.2. Keeping a job, food on the table and maintaining good grades in college were my top priorities.

3. Influential People

3.1. My sister and I are 9 years apart. We've watched each other grow. I've always admired her as a child. But as an adult she inspires me everyday by setting her own goals and reaching them. She formed her own opinions and stands behind her beliefs. With that being said she has created a lifestyle for herself and family that support her new found ideals

3.2. My mother has always taken care of me and provided me with the necessary knowledge needed to progress and succeed in life. Everything I know today was taught to me by her. My way of thinking is based on the beliefs, values and opinions she instilled in me fir years.

3.3. Ms. Jackson was an elementary school teacher that taught me throughout my elementary school career. She was my pre-k, 3rd grade and 5th grade teacher. She was also my after school care teacher.

3.3.1. Mentored me throughout elementary school and made a difference in my life.

4. Role of Academia

4.1. My parents instilled in me as a child the importance of education and college. I always knew college would be a major component of my life.

4.1.1. Meeting new people

4.1.2. Learning to take care of myself

4.1.3. Preparation for my career

4.1.4. Becoming well rounded

4.2. Without a college success I think it will be difficult to live a comfortable lifestyle.

4.2.1. I have changed my major a few times throughout my college career. Some professions I thought I was interested in did not support the lifestyle I had envisioned. College is important and can lead to many good careers. But if a student chooses a degree that will not support them after college it is pointless.

4.3. Studying comes before pleasure.

4.4. I work a job full-time to support myself in college. My employers are aware of my academic commitment. This awareness allows my employers to work around my school schedule.

4.5. College requires a lot of discipline. It can become easy to slack off and miss class. As a student I should be dedicated to my studies and show interest during lectures. Many things taught in class are shaped to help me progress.

5. Poverty

5.1. Growing up my mother ALWAYS made a point to tell me that college would ultimately save me from being poor.

5.1.1. Academic success is linked to life success.

5.1.2. As college student working full time and barely making it, I definitely agree with my mother. I'm depending on my college degree to secure a career that can support my lifestyle.

5.2. Poverty seems avoidable TODAY.

5.2.1. Progress in school, graduate college and start a decent career. Help for college tuition is readily available through financial aid and scholarships.

5.2.2. Minimum wage jobs do not provide for the best living situations but something is better than nothing. Minimum wage should be raised at least enough to cover average rent in most states.

5.3. The cost of living in Alabama is substantially lower than the cost of living in Georgia.

5.3.1. My mother was laid off in the year 2013 and that was the reason she moved to Alabama. Her goal was to establish a new life somewhere she could afford. My mothers situation changed the way I look at poverty. Life happens when it chooses and we just have to pick up the pieces and do the best we can. My mother has a degree in Social Work. Social Workers do not make good money unless they have a Doctorate degree. It all goes back to the education. Education places value on people in society. Those that lack educational value are more likely to live a life of poverty.