DACE EM3 Lesson Guide

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DACE EM3 Lesson Guide by Mind Map: DACE EM3   Lesson Guide

1. 1. Analysis Phase

1.1. FInd out from Stakeholders

1.1.1. Program sponsors Budget; timeline

1.1.2. IT Department LMS / Devices / infrastructure

1.1.3. Learning Department Learning Objectives, Trainers, learners

1.1.4. Line of business managers Performance Expectation Subject Matter Experts

1.2. Propose new project using Elearning requirment Document

1.2.1. Signoff with Stakeholders

2. 2. Design Phase

2.1. Start of the project

2.1.1. Appoint Project Manager Develop project plan Get approval for Project plan Execute project plan

2.1.2. Appoint Instructional Designer Design Course Outline Create Course map Cfreate Treatment Plan Design Course Detail Create Delivery Plan (aka lesson plan) Design elearning lessons Create Storyboard Review all the design documents with stakeholders; including Developer Evaluation Report

3. 3. Development Phase

3.1. Activate Developer

3.1.1. Review storyboard with Instructional Designer

3.1.2. Decide on tools, platform and development apps neccessary

3.1.3. Develop all the multimedia assets required Sound, music Images, photos, graphics Animation Video

3.1.4. Develop Storyboard into interactive learning program SCORM object

3.1.5. Create lesson into LMS as per Delivery/Lesson plan

3.1.6. Review, evaluate, test the new course with reviewers, testers, learners, trainers, etc.

4. 4. Implementation Phase

4.1. Implement the new training program

5. 5. Evaluation Phase

5.1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the new training program

5.2. Evaluate the performance of the project team and roll out activities

5.3. Evaluate the apps, tools, and all other apps required

5.4. Evaluate the conversion process (traditional to elearning)