The story of Elya in Latvia

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The story of Elya in Latvia by Mind Map: The story of Elya in Latvia

1. Madame Zeroni is Zero's great-great-great grandmother.

2. The story of Camp Green Lake during the time of Katherine Barlow and Sam

2.1. The story of Stanley Yelnats

2.2. The onion field that Sam had owned was still around. That is where Stanley and Zero got their source of food while walking up the mountain. They found onions underground. Also, Zero had found canned peaches that he called "Sploosh." These canned peaches belonged to Kate Barlow.

2.3. Stanley's fathers invention smelled like peaches. Ironic.

2.4. Stanley realized that the Warden had the boys at CGL digging to find something that belonged to Kate Barlow.

2.5. The Warden is a descendant of the Walker family.

3. The "Big Thumb" mountain and the mountain during Elya's time represent the same concept.

4. Stanley's family's curse was because of Elya. Elya failed to bring Madame Zeroni up the mountain to drink from the stream. Because Elya failed, the curse would affect his descendants for all eternity.

5. Romance problems between Elya and Myra and Kate and Sam.