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2020 Goals by Mind Map: 2020 Goals

1. Get a 3.5 GPA

1.1. study one hour each day at home

1.2. Get a study group

2. Release Janaya's EP

2.1. write and produce songs that will be on the EP

2.2. Schedule weekly meetings with Janaya to have songwriting sessions

2.3. create a plan that shows what tasks each person will do to ensure that the EP is released

2.4. Meet with the ERM president Greatness about promoting Janaya's EP

2.5. Meet with Professor Williams about setting up a listening party for Janaya's EP

2.6. Pay Mateo to record Janaya's vocals in the studio.

3. Save $2,000

3.1. Save $50 per week

4. Release more music

4.1. Write and produce one new song every week

5. Improve self care

5.1. Continue to go to therapy once a month

5.2. Go back to church every Sunday morning

5.3. Write in a gratitude journal every day

5.4. continue to workout six days a week and cook meal prep once a week

6. become debt free

6.1. Pay off $100 of debt per month