Kamryn Macauley

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Kamryn Macauley by Mind Map: Kamryn Macauley

1. Core Values

1.1. Family Oriented

1.2. Hardworking

1.3. Passionate

1.4. Make a difference

2. Greatest strengths

2.1. Reliable

2.2. Neat and well organized

2.3. Independent worker

2.4. Good with deadlines

2.5. Cheerful personality

3. Experience

3.1. Server at Pizzeria

3.2. Food Runner at Fish Shop

3.3. Host at The Melting Pot

3.4. Cashier at Sandwich shop

3.5. Personal assistant for family

4. My WHY

4.1. I want to create happy memories for others

4.1.1. Create amazing events

4.1.2. Give them a memorable stay at my hotel

4.2. Make a difference in someones life

4.3. Make others feel important

4.3.1. Do what I can to make that persons memory the best it can

5. Dream Careers

5.1. General manager for hotel

5.2. Event planner

5.2.1. wedding planner

5.2.2. festival planner

5.2.3. Kids camp planner

6. Education

6.1. Associates degree from Mesa College

6.2. Transfered to SDSU

6.2.1. Created own major: IS3D Communications Education Hospitality Emphasized hotels