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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. What are you passionate about?

1.1. Hotel

1.2. Amusement Park

1.3. Airport

2. Career Options

2.1. Hotelier

3. Core Values

3.1. Achievement

3.2. Revenue

3.3. Social contribution

4. Career Goals

4.1. shot term (6-9 months)

4.1.1. Find the intership where I want to work and learn the specific skill for working

4.2. long term (1~3 years)

4.2.1. Work in the hospitality industry and make a good result.

5. Top Strengths

5.1. speaking Korean, Japanese and some English

6. Desired Strengths

6.1. Ability to communicate with the first people

7. Role Model

7.1. How

7.1.1. She is passionate about everything and doesn't bother.

7.2. Who

7.2.1. My mom

7.3. Why

7.3.1. She works quickly and accurately and do housework