Ashley Manz

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Ashley Manz by Mind Map: Ashley Manz

1. Event planner

1.1. Helping someone enjoy themselves and make memories

1.2. Wedding planner, event coordinator

2. Create events for people to enjoy and remember

3. Creating memorable events for people

4. Helping customers have an enjoyable experience

5. Talking with and meeting new people from all over the world

6. Being involved in someones special day

7. Creating relations with customers

8. Giving customers a memorable experience

9. Working as a greeter and runner in a restaurant

10. working as a host in a restaurant

11. working as an event planner

12. working as a wedding planner

13. working at the front desk of a hotel

14. Be able to move home and work in Hawaii

15. Hospitable workplace

16. Getting paid the right amount for my job

17. Being able to be myself while working

18. Being in a mentally healthy work place

19. short term: work as a host at a restaurant, barista at a boba tea place, and front desk at a hotel

20. Long term: Work out of a hotel, Plan events, have a job I love, and Plan weddings

21. short term: Accomplish more experience in the industry and see what I like the most

22. Long term: Find a job that fits me and what I love to do, Be able to give people memorable events and experiences

23. Good at making connections with customers

24. Good at helping customers and satisfying them

25. Good at problem solving

26. Good at Learning fast

27. Good at getting the job done

28. Working on overthinking

29. Working on learning more about the industry

30. Working on my communication skills

31. Working on being more open minded about jobs

32. I admire my mother, she is hard working and caring in her job

33. I admire my father, who has taught me to never give up as he has never given up in his work

34. I admire my coach from high school, She has always faced challenges head on and has taught me to do the same and to never back down