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Dingoes by Mind Map: Dingoes

1. Immigrant or Native

1.1. Origin

1.1.1. How did they get from South Asia to Australia

1.2. Genetics

1.2.1. Pure breed

1.2.2. Domestic dog mixed breed Dingoes inhabiting areas close to domestic dog populations more likely to be mixed breeds?

1.3. Aboriginal perspectives

1.3.1. Native?

1.3.2. Cultural Significance

1.3.3. Were they domesticated?

1.4. Habitat

1.4.1. How do they survive in harsh enviroments?

1.4.2. Areas they inhabit Are WA dingoes different to the eastern states dingoes? Fraser Island pure breed Why don't they inhabit Tasmania?

2. Pest

2.1. Pastoralist/mining perspectives

2.1.1. State government support

2.1.2. Investment/money Impact on profits

2.1.3. Protect workers

2.1.4. Cattle/sheep death causes Evidence that it was dingoes Impact severe or minimal? Comparison to other deaths eg road kills, climate conditions etc (statistics)

2.2. Control measures effectiveness

2.2.1. Traps

2.2.2. Baiting (aerial/land techniques) Kills Dingoes Other predatory animals

2.2.3. Shooting

2.2.4. Flock protection dogs

2.2.5. Fencing

3. Role Within Ecosystem

3.1. Movements/habits

3.1.1. Packs or solo?

3.1.2. Areas inhabited Distance travelled

3.1.3. Breeding

3.2. Diet

3.2.1. Native animals

3.2.2. Introduced Species

3.3. Impact compared to other introduced species

3.3.1. Cane toads

3.3.2. Rabbits

3.3.3. Cats

3.3.4. Foxes

3.3.5. Goats

3.3.6. Pigs

3.3.7. Camels

3.3.8. Horses

3.4. Other carnivore predators

3.4.1. Native Tasmanian Devil Tasmanian Tiger Quolls Crocodiles (native?) Saltwater Freshwater

3.4.2. Introduced Foxes Cats