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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Find a job

1.1. Dasdboard

1.1.1. Project Find suitable projects with your skill and Bid on projects: price and deadline (Freelancer will recommend project base on skill which we registrated) Sure get the job done 100% Check customer profile to find Employer Recommend the perfect feedback from customer who you have done project.

1.1.2. Content Join contests if win earn money build reputation get the chance for more work (more Employer know)

2. Payment

2.1. Confirmed Paypal by visa card

3. Build perfect profile with our project (have done)

3.1. update skill

3.2. update profile

3.3. Verify account: mail, phone

4. Membership

4.1. Join with Free member: 8 bids/month

4.2. Other: Basic, Plus, Professional, Premier