Curriculum Integration Journey

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Curriculum Integration Journey by Mind Map: Curriculum Integration Journey

1. Project Goals

1.1. Create an integrated curriculum to improve math and literacy in the Bluewater District School Board

1.2. Incorporate Literacy in all subjects

1.3. Reform literacy and math

1.4. Include character education

1.5. Include Environmental Awareness

1.6. Big Ideas: Change, Systems, Interdependence

1.7. Higher Order Thinking Skills: Research, Communication, Design, Problem Solving, Critical Literacy

2. Starting Out: Interdisciplinary planning sessions to design units using backward planning

2.1. Curriculum Scan and Cluster: cut up curriculum expectations and cluster them into cross-disciplinary groups

2.2. Curriculum Dissection: Each cluster is broken down into what students need to “know,” “do” and “be”

2.3. Enduring Understanding/Big Question/Unit Questions: Understanding what the “big idea” of the cluster is

2.4. Culminating Task: Create a meaningful final task that includes assessment tools

2.5. Daily Learning Opportunities and Assessment Tools: Meaningful activities and assessment where assessment for learning is key

3. Implementation of Interdisciplinary Units

3.1. Across all divisions

3.1.1. Primary

3.1.2. Junior

3.1.3. Intermediate

3.2. Across all disciplines

3.2.1. Literacy

3.2.2. Math

3.2.3. Social Studies

3.2.4. Science

3.2.5. Geography

3.2.6. History

3.2.7. Arts

3.3. Examples of Big Ideas

3.3.1. Environmental stewardship and conservation

3.3.2. Interrelationships

3.3.3. Diversity

3.3.4. Conflict Resolution

3.3.5. Energy and Sustainability

3.4. Higher Order Skills

3.4.1. Inquiry

3.4.2. Design

3.4.3. Problem Solving

3.4.4. Presentation

3.4.5. Communication

3.4.6. Critical Thinking

3.4.7. Communication

4. Teacher and Administrator Perceptions: Qualitative interviews were completed across 26 schools

4.1. Increase in student engagement

4.2. Relevant Meaningful Curriculum: Engaged and articulate learners

4.3. Reaching all Students: Many students exceeded expectations

4.4. Literacy Infusion: Deeper understandings fostered in interdisciplinary units

4.5. Numeracy: Challenging, but worthwhile with real-world math

4.6. Assessment: Efficiency across multiple disciplines, challenging to report integrated results on the discipline-based report

4.7. Planning: Focused ideas, clear sense of assessment for learning

4.8. Collaborative professional learning occurred

5. Next Steps

5.1. Practice and learning are ongoing

5.2. Accountability measures put into place