Manor House Development

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Manor House Development by Mind Map: Manor House Development

1. Seed Capital

1.1. Ability to get it fast

1.2. What returns can we offer 3rd parties

1.3. Talk to Progressive people

2. Manor House Planning

2.1. Confidence in scheme

2.2. Confidence in timescale

3. Stables Planning

3.1. Less confident in scheme

3.2. Less confident in timescale

3.3. Reduction in units reduces potential income & GDV

4. Purchase & Development Finance

4.1. Our combined ability to achieve

4.2. Can we show enough experience in team

4.3. Financial viability? Only possible as bridge

4.4. Talk to Crowd Property

4.5. Talk to experienced Progressive people

5. Manor House Development

5.1. Very confident in development budget & timescale

6. Stables Development

6.1. Good confidence in development timescale

6.2. Less confidence in development budget

7. Operations

7.1. Very confident in demand for proposed product

7.2. Highest confidence in margin and profitability

7.3. Highest confidence in operational management