K-PS3: Weather and Climate

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K-PS3: Weather and Climate by Mind Map: K-PS3: Weather and Climate

1. Days 1-4: K-PS3-1-Learning about the Sun

1.1. The role and properties of the Sun

1.1.1. Learning about the Sun

1.1.2. Exploring the Sun

2. Days 5-7: K-PS3-2-Build a Shade Structure

2.1. Engineer and design a structure that provides shade from the sun

2.1.1. A Place in the Shade-An Engineering Challenge

3. Days 8-10: K-ESS2-1-Patterns in Local Weather

3.1. Why it's important to predict future weather?

3.1.1. Exploring Weather- One, Two, Three, Forecast!

4. Days 11-13: K-ESS3-2-Forecasting and Severe Weather

4.1. Why are hurricanes so dangerous? Students will be able to explain the structure of a hurricane by building a model.

4.1.1. Severe Weather - Hurricanes - Tropical Storms Run Amok!

5. EDMU 525 Concept Map