Web 2.0 Tools on Internet

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Web 2.0 Tools on Internet by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools on Internet

1. Differentiate among Internet protocols

1.1. http

1.2. https

1.3. IP

1.3.1. IPv4

1.3.2. IPv6

1.4. VoIP

1.4.1. Quality of Service

1.5. Ethernet

1.6. WiFi

1.6.1. abg

1.6.2. n

1.6.3. ac

1.6.4. ax/ay

2. Safety issues in digital environments including social media

2.1. Direct Communication between parties

2.1.1. cyber bullying Harassment Impersonating someone digital identity theft posting hurtful and offensive content speaking to someone's friend to gain sensitive information Sharing embarrassing photos

2.1.2. online predators

2.1.3. communication forums

2.1.4. privacy issues

2.1.5. scams

2.1.6. spam

2.1.7. cookies

2.1.8. intellectual property rights

2.1.9. copyright issues

2.2. piracy issues

2.2.1. confidentiality of personal data

2.3. Digital Content

2.3.1. inappropriate content

2.3.2. digital citizenship

2.3.3. email etiquette

2.3.4. ethics

2.4. Social Media

2.4.1. Demerits Receive Negative Feedback Potential For Embarrassment Time Consuming on Campaigns Cyberbulling Hacking Addiction Fraud and Scams Reputation Cheating and Relationship Issues Unhealthy Lifestyles Social Media Causes Death Glamorizes Drugs and Alchol

2.4.2. Digital Footprint Personalization Tracking Fraudulent Activities

2.4.3. Merits Helping A Noble Cause Help Government Fight Crime Reach Larger Audience Evaluate Your Performance Create Viral Content

2.4.4. Facebook at school Sharing News Updating Media Latest Teachers Teaching Technology