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Lecture 4 Feb 6 by Mind Map: Lecture 4 Feb 6
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Lecture 4 Feb 6

Data Acquisition Group Work (5-10 minutes)

Imagine you are controlling something in the lab and want to do what's called feedback

For example, keeping a temperature stable by reading the temperature and then adjusting a heater voltage

You can do this, for example, with the data acquisition card we're using today

However, with this board, it's pretty slow: 20 milliseconds per read / write

QUESTION: What could you do as a lab scientist to do feedback at a much higher rate? (Say 10 microseconds)

Overview of LabVIEW (30 minutes)

Hands on demonstration of part of lab

Discussion of colloquium / twitter, Other random Q's (10 minutes)

Group work (5 minutes)

Collect answers and discuss (5 minutes)

Steve's notes

(5-10 minutes) Example excellent notebook, with discussion

Maria Lab 2