Language Teaching for the planet: part 2. Things I have taken away from the course so far.

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Language Teaching for the planet: part 2. Things I have taken away from the course so far. by Mind Map: Language Teaching for the planet: part 2. Things I have taken away from the course so far.

1. Brent: At some point during the lesson, introduce a language point.

1.1. Collaborating with other teachers

1.2. Indeed, could we replace this with a skills focus too? e.g. be better able to write a letter

2. Kate: the importance of localising ideas. Because I tend to write materials for global audiences, it would be worth incorporating a section that allows students to discuss something more local.

2.1. using photos you have taken can be a great way to do this.

2.1.1. A brainstorm would help, too.

2.2. Hi Kate, I have just touched on this topic in my MA module. I'm sure you know more than me. What I was reading was that coursebook writers increasingly build in localisation options into materials and that this is to some extent aided with the digitalisation of materials, and the chance this offers teachers to modify such materials. It's an area I'd love to explore. Is it possible that you as a materials writer would have a section saying 'go and take a photo of your local area and ...'

3. Nergiz: Planning environmental lessons based on principles.

3.1. I think the main one for me is that these lessons have to have a language outcome and ideally also some kind of environmental outcome, e.g. students having learned something new about the environment and being motivated to take action outside class.

4. Kate: The effect of our lessons on students' morale is important.

4.1. Many might already feel a bit down about the state of the world today, and helpless. We can help them feel more positive by choosing topics like "ecoheroes" (Footprint has a growing list of these!). Imprtantly, if we include a focus on action points, then they will feel empowered (or better still, encourage them to come up with their own action points).

4.1.1. really good. This relates to the idea of a focus on people which engages students more!

5. A few things for me in particular. 1. The diversity that exists both in terms of our own view as to

5.1. I agree. It's fascinating learning from our diverse teaching contexts. Suddenly having what I have been happily doing in my context challenged by the idea of trying to imagine it being used in another context.

6. Božica: The importance of parallel incorporation of a language point and environmental issue that is localised and leads to an action.

6.1. So, not only environmental issue for the sake of it nor the language on its own but together with the goal to make the change in the "real world" no matter how small it might seem.

6.1.1. brilliant. I think you've created a new term which is 'parallel incorporation' to this field! Great idea