Input vs. Output

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Input vs. Output by Mind Map: Input vs. Output

1. Output: Pieces of hardware that move information out of the computer.

1.1. Hard Drive

1.1.1. PRO: Store Information directly on computer CON: Can slow down computer's performance

1.1.2. TEACHING APPLICATION: Best to use hard drive when running video

1.2. CD/DVD

1.2.1. PRO: Great for backing up files & data CON: Once burned, no more information can be added or changed

1.2.2. TEACHING APPLICATION: Best to use when giving out information for learners to have in their own possession

1.3. USB Drive

1.3.1. PRO: Quick transporting of files CONS: Often only hold small amount of data

1.3.2. TEACHING APPLICATION: Works best when needing to transfer flies from one computer quickly to another.

2. Input: Input devices are computer peripherals (any device that can be connected to a computer) are used to enter data into the computer.

2.1. Track Ball

2.1.1. PRO: More precise movements than mouse CON: Difficult for dragging selected items & making long moves across screen

2.1.2. LEARNING APPLICATION: Works best when painting or graphic editing is being taught

2.2. Mouse

2.2.1. PRO: Easily move & select on screen CON: Must be packed and transported

2.2.2. LEARNING APPLICATION: Works best when scrolling is used frequently in lesson

2.3. Touch Pad

2.3.1. PRO: Connected to computer for convenient transport CON: Difficult to scroll and drag while teaching

2.3.2. LEARNING APPLICATION: Works best when traveling off location to teach when a laptop is necessary.