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Custom Furniture APP by Mind Map: Custom Furniture APP

1. Payment Options

1.1. Online payment options

1.1.1. Credit, debit or charge card

1.1.2. E-Wallet MoMo E-Wallet Airpay VinID Pay

1.2. Afterpay payment within 48hours

1.2.1. Go to any nearby store to Scan, touch Upon acceptance of the payment, a deposit slip will be issued by the staff

2. General Problems

2.1. 'Search Button' not obvious

2.1.1. Create New Search Button Bigger Longer Motion

2.2. Content Arrangement at Homepage

2.2.1. Adjust Layout content

2.2.2. Navigation Button

2.3. Can not find 'Delete Button' in CART

2.3.1. Add in icon

3. Personalized or Custom Item

3.1. Search Box

3.1.1. By Keyword

3.1.2. By Image

3.2. Filter Button

3.3. Custom item at Product detail

3.3.1. Style

3.3.2. Price

3.3.3. Part Details Material Colour Pattern