Content of PR programme

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Content of PR programme by Mind Map: Content of PR programme

1. Rational

1.1. Based on logic and reason. Offer proof or evidence and arguments.

1.2. They put forward a proposition (main, basic idea)

1.3. Propositions (Smith, 2009)

1.3.1. Facts: what actually exists, what is the case, provable

1.3.2. Conjecture: reasonable evidence-based conclusions. Invite people to agree or support

1.3.3. Value: virtue-based, intrinsic worth. Tries to increase interest and positive public opinion

1.3.4. Policy: argues for adopting a new policy. Tries to form opinions and affect behaviour.

1.4. If offering evidence is not possible, PR offers propositions based on 'pseudo-evidence' (Smith, 2009)

1.4.1. Analogies: draw parallels to facilitate understanding

1.4.2. Comparisons: generate positive or negative associations to something familiar

1.4.3. Examples: draw conclusions from relevant cases

1.4.4. Statistics: offer track record and past performance.

1.4.5. Testimonials: from actual users or endorsements (supporters/backers)

1.4.6. Case studies: detailed examples that to encourage or discourage support

1.4.7. Visual evidence

1.4.8. Demonstrations: presentations, exhibitions, tastings, trials that provide first-hand experience

2. Emotional

2.1. Based on evoking reactions

2.2. Positive appeal

2.2.1. Love: compassion, empathy, pity. Different targets - family, pets, partner

2.2.2. Virtue: give a sense of what is right and proper

2.2.3. Humour: used to reinforce a belief or value but not useful at changing them. Based on likeability not credibility

2.2.4. Sex appeal: generates attention but debatable appropriateness, tastefulness. Better if linked to product or theme

2.3. Negative appeal

2.3.1. Debate as to whether these appeals are ethical

2.3.2. Fear: tries to affect behaviour, has to be linked to solution. If it is disproportionate it may backfire. Source credibility is critical. Best used if the issue is significant or important

2.3.3. Guilt: inducement of personal shame or guilt, offers a path to a positive frame of mind

3. Most campaigns have a mixture of both types of content