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Health by Mind Map: Health

1. Influencers

1.1. Poisoned Cities Deadly Border

1.1.1. Ian James Zoe Meyers AZ Central Bio

1.2. California Air Resources Board

1.2.1. Earl Withycombe LinkedIn

1.3. Formation Environmental

1.3.1. Brian Schmid

1.4. University of California Riverside, Environmental Sciences

1.4.1. William Porter PhD LinkedIn

1.5. USC Keck School of Medicine

1.5.1. Jill Johnston PhD USC Bio

1.5.2. Shohreh Farzan PhD Shohreh Farzan USC Bio

1.6. Heatlh Assessment and Research for Communities

1.6.1. Jenna LeComte-Hinely PhD HARC Bio

1.7. Imperial Irrigation District

1.7.1. Jessica Lovecchio

2. Issues

2.1. Public health impact

2.1.1. Breathing Problems Asthma CDC Asthma Data HARC Data USC Research

2.1.2. Children's AIRE Study Shohreh Farzan - Summit Presentation

2.2. Air quality & dust sources

2.2.1. Windblown Dust Levels Earl Withycombe - Summit Presentation

2.3. Toxics/chemical composition in playa dust

2.3.1. Salton Sea Dust: Composition, Transport, and Health Summit Presentation

3. Action Plans

3.1. Air Quality & Dust Control

3.2. Public health

3.2.1. Clinics Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo

3.3. Working Together to Restore Health

3.3.1. Walton Family Foundation

3.4. 2018 U.S. Farm Bill

3.5. IVAN Air Monitoring

3.6. California Environmental Health Tracking

3.6.1. California Asthma