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Measurements by Mind Map: Measurements

1. Measuring with different objects in the classroom

1.1. Demonstrating how to measure with connecting cubes

1.2. Having the students start with measuring with connecting cubes on certain objects in the classroom

1.3. Having the students each pick an object to measure with and measuring with the object they picked

1.4. Having iPads ready for the students to use where they can drag the cubes and count how many it takes to measure an object on their iPads

1.5. Put together a video of students explaining different ways to measure and different objects they can use to measure with and show it as the lesson and a review

2. Learning what an inch is

2.1. Showing them what an inch is with a piece of paper that is 1in by 1in and measuring with just that paper and having them make their own to show them the how similar the paper is to an actual inch on a ruler

2.2. Having objects ready for them to measure

2.3. Have them get sticky notes and go around the room and do “less than an inch, and more than an inch”

2.4. Students have the opportunity to write on the smart board after they measure an object. Each student is assigned an object to measure and after they measure it they will write the measurement on the smart board for everyone to see

3. Learning what a foot is

3.1. Show with the doc cam the different between a foot and an inch so students have a visual about how many of those inch papers goes into a foot

3.2. Also show on the board different giant building and football fields and let students estimate how many feet are in each of those.

3.3. Let them go around the room and measure different items and go around the school to measure different items and have them write those measurements down.

3.4. Let them measure themselves in feet and keep it going for a few months to see how much they grow and also review measurements

4. Learning what a centimeter is

4.1. Use the doc cam again to show the different in cm, in, and ft

4.2. Ask them questions like Would it be hard to write with a pencil that was 3 cm long? Why? Is an ant 1 cm long or 8 cm long?

4.3. Having a worksheet for them to do about. centimeters

5. Reviewing the different measurements

5.1. Show the video they made on how to measure with different objects

5.2. Students can use iPads because their iPads have this app on them that the camera can be used to measure different things in the classroom and then the students can measure them in real life and see how accurate the iPad measuring is.

5.3. Having them estimate as a group. “Do you use feet, inches, or centimeters to measure said item?”