CHAPTER 2: E-commerce Infrastructure

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CHAPTER 2: E-commerce Infrastructure by Mind Map: CHAPTER 2: E-commerce Infrastructure

1. The Internet today

1.1. The Internet backbone

1.2. Internet exchange points

2. Ideate

2.1. The future Internet infrastructure

2.2. Government regulation and surveillance of the Internet

2.3. The Internet2 project

2.4. The first mile and the last mile

2.5. Internet access drones

3. The Internet: Technology background

3.1. The Evolution of the internet: 1961-The present

3.2. The Internet: Key technology concepts

3.3. The new client: The mobile platform

3.4. The Internet" Cloud computing" model: Hardware and software as a service

3.5. Other Internet protocols and utility programs

4. Mobile apps: Features and services

4.1. Al, intelligent assistants, and chatbots

4.2. Platforms for mobile application development

4.3. App marketplaces

5. Akamai Technologies:

6. The Internet and the web: Features and services

6.1. Communication tools

6.2. Search engines

6.3. Downloadable and streaming media

6.4. Web 2.0 applications and services

6.5. Virtual reality and augmented reality

6.6. Intelligent personal assistants

7. The web

7.1. Hypertext

7.2. Markup languages

7.3. Web servers and clients

7.4. Web browsers