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Citrus Juicer by Mind Map: Citrus Juicer

1. User

1.1. Mother

1.1.1. Physical action wile making the juice make the juice in a standing postion squeezing pushing and spining by hand her wrist aches when she start juicing the seconed orange.

1.1.2. storage the juicer on plate rack

1.1.3. Use it to make orange juice only consume 1 to 2 orange everyday make the juice with pulp for herself. make the juice without pulp for her chiled.

1.1.4. Use the juicer in the kitchen beside the sink becuse orange juice spread out on the work space when she is pressing the orange.

1.1.5. Cleaning cleanes the product easily

2. product's components

2.1. handle

2.1.1. Too small to hold

2.2. liquid storage

2.2.1. Doesn't filter the juice completly.

2.3. cone

2.4. Screen

2.5. spout

2.5.1. The juice leacks out from it after pouring.