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Server Diet by Mind Map: Server Diet

1. 7:00 AM Prep for work.

1.1. Whats available

1.1.1. breakfast bar

1.1.2. Cereal

1.2. Suppliments

1.2.1. VItamens Need to get that B12

1.2.2. Fiber

1.3. Caffiene

1.3.1. Energy Drink Its a twelve hour shift and I want to sip and I want a quick burst of energy that I can maintain all day

1.3.2. Coffee Feed your caffeine addiction

1.4. Check weight

1.4.1. Hmm I seem to be gaining weight Go for morning 10k, Ill have to watch what I eat

2. 10:00 AM Start first shift

2.1. Bartending

2.1.1. Introducing specials Need to taste test Alcohol Skip greasy food as it makes you sick.

2.2. Serving

2.2.1. Sample daily specials Did someone mention free booze?

3. 4:00 PM, shift change

3.1. Someone Called out

3.1.1. More coffee

3.2. I get a break, I have exactly 8 minutes to get food and eat it before im needed again

3.2.1. Run to dunkin Coffee Donut/pasty

4. 12:00PM Lunch Rush

4.1. Two busy to even think

4.1.1. Ill eat when it dies down

4.2. Thirst

4.2.1. Restaurrant water is gross, and I left my water bottle in the car

4.2.2. Fountain soda

4.2.3. Did someone mention coffee?

5. 2:30PM, it died down

5.1. Order food frim restaurant

5.1.1. Large Party walked in before meal was ready. Food arrives, ill eat it when I get a minute

5.1.2. Managers need invintroy updated

5.1.3. Servers need help catching up with there tables

6. 6:00 Dinner Rush

6.1. Where is the second bartender?

6.1.1. keep moving just 4 more hours until we close

6.2. Don't forget to eat your lucnh

6.2.1. Eat a bite while cashing someone out Food is cold and disgusting throw it out Well after eating exactly 2 bites I am stuffed. Ill eat more after work

6.3. Caffiene

6.3.1. Oh look someone made an extra espresso

7. 9:00 PM Prepping to close

7.1. Do I have time to order food before the kitchen closes?

7.2. Did I make enough money to pay all my bills?

7.2.1. ive got a few dollars for taco bell

8. 10:00 PM Closing

8.1. Closing bartender got sent home

8.1.1. I guess Ill eat when I get out Not hungry but would love caffiene

9. 11:30PM leaving work

9.1. What is available to eat?

9.1.1. Dive bars and fast food Greasy Food Desserts Beer

10. 1:30AM get home

10.1. Hungry

10.1.1. Cooking takes a long time and Im tired

10.1.2. No grocories Havent had a day off in weeks Ill go the next time I have a day off

10.1.3. I got enough calories Coffee sweeteners I get a lot of protein from all the creamer I use Beer Donut Body cant function without sugars

10.1.4. Im gaining weight I can skip a meal