Why did the civil war last four years

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Why did the civil war last four years by Mind Map: Why did the civil war last four years

1. Political Aims

1.1. Confederacy

1.1.1. Secure independence from the North

1.1.2. free the repression of slavery

1.1.3. They wanted to keep the war going until the North left them alone

1.1.4. Southerners did not want secession

1.2. Union

1.2.1. Goal was to preserve the Union

1.2.2. Wanted to stop slavery from expanding

1.2.3. Emancipating the slaves to retain and reshape the Union reuniting the CSA with the Union inspired Northerners in fighting

2. Resources

2.1. North

2.1.1. twice as much soldiers

2.1.2. not as good military generals

2.1.3. enormous industrial advantage

2.1.4. more minerals

2.1.5. more miles of railroad tracks

2.1.6. more ships

2.1.7. The North had international legitimacy. Other nations recognized the North and could provide trade and credit.

2.2. South

2.2.1. trained leaders

2.2.2. disadvantage in soldiers

2.2.3. disadvantage in resources

3. Leadership

3.1. Abraham Lincoln

3.1.1. Main goal was to preserve the Union rather than free the slaves He didn't want the civil war to start

3.1.2. His personal qualities enabled him to form friendships with men who had previously opposed him Kearns Goodwin’s book

3.1.3. Lincoln’s communication skills were extraordinary greatest gift as a communicator was that most people believed what he was saying.

3.1.4. Lincoln realized that the North might lose the war, but could win with great difficulty Changed their main goal in fighting

3.1.5. He inspired the North more that Davis could with the South He gave the Northerners a reason to fight

3.1.6. Used the members of his cabinet to his advantage Learning their war strategies

3.2. Jefferson Davis

3.2.1. He had four main characters that made him a great leader—trust in God, decisiveness, choice of men and integrity. frequently referred to God in both public and private writings

3.2.2. Planned to secure independence from the North and establish themselves as its own nation wanted to keep slavery a thing

3.2.3. Important military figure Advantage over the North

3.3. General Winfield Scott

3.3.1. elderly and in poor health

3.3.2. was able to devise what was called the Anaconda Plan

3.3.3. important military figure

4. Military Strategy

4.1. South

4.1.1. kept its army in the South Save their strength

4.1.2. Counted on the better military generals of the South to defeat the North

4.1.3. Cotton diplomacy get help from England and France

4.1.4. Use quick striking attacks

4.1.5. trained leaders

4.2. North

4.2.1. Anaconda Plan

4.2.2. Control the Mississippi

4.2.3. Capture Richmond