ADHD Accommodations

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ADHD Accommodations by Mind Map: ADHD Accommodations

1. PIP Aftermath

1.1. Others Raised Their Voices for my Escape

1.1.1. My crippled body could not be covered

1.1.2. Elise was angry

1.2. The Pain of Burning so Hot

1.2.1. Hurts Elise

1.2.2. I'm become depression

2. Crash

2.1. Realized that under stress my brain does not make reasonable decisions even when I feel incredibly confident about the choices

2.2. Took a kick in the balls to realize I was dumping energy into everyone except the person who cares about me more than anyone else

3. Strategy

3.1. Reorient healthcare to be ADHD centered

3.2. ADHD reWired Coaching Groups

3.3. Get sleep and exercise under control

3.4. Get Neuropsych eval

3.5. Find a coach

3.6. Get accommodations

4. ArC

4.1. What, when, why and CRS

4.2. Learn skills

4.3. Saw things I could imitate

5. Neuropsych eval

5.1. Prioritizing the sequence of tasks

5.2. Sustained attention has a half-life

6. Talk to all the people

6.1. Ask my mom to put her manager hat on so I could talk to my manager

6.2. Prioritized how to sacrifice for Elise to know she's loved

6.3. Talk to my scary manager

6.3.1. Chose to be vulnerable and to be open

6.3.2. Was ready to walk away

7. ADHD coach

7.1. Learned it's easier to tell a story than to dump a list

7.2. Described my perfect day at work

7.3. Broke down into wishlist

7.4. Challenge to meet deadlines

8. Conviction

8.1. The only path through uncertainty is a choice and the acceptance of its consequences

8.2. Was willing to walk away

9. It became clear my career was not my priority

9.1. I needed boundaries to protect what and they both my feeling rested

9.2. I wanted to feel rested

9.3. The source of concrete accommodations

10. Wishlist

10.1. space clear of most distractions

10.2. space to spread out across a flat surfaces for visual cues like a list on the wall

10.3. I can be loud or quiet

10.4. I can pace, lie down on the floor, adjust the space

10.5. I need 8 hours of sleep each night

10.6. I take a break every half-hour to limit sustained focus and take opportunity the review the big picture

10.7. I work a standard 8 hour day

10.8. I can only work late or a weekend once every couple months

11. Executive Functions where I feel the pressure

11.1. Planning/Big Picture

11.1.1. clocks everywhere

11.1.2. in my face cues

11.1.3. consistency over a couple weeks

11.1.4. high-frequency communication

11.2. Sustained Attention

11.2.1. breaks every half-hour

11.2.2. step out in meetings

11.2.3. help with administrative overhead (e.g. time sheet)

11.3. Task-Switching

11.3.1. No fire-fighting around me

11.3.2. Reduced exposure to urgency

11.3.3. Space away from other projects

11.4. Impulsive External Processing

11.4.1. Pace in a circle

11.4.2. Have quiet

11.4.3. Talk out-loud

11.4.4. spread out my thoughts physically

12. Compensation

12.1. Standard to come in where I left salary

12.2. Changing only really happen after there has been time to see how medical leave worked out

12.3. Sadly based on results contributed, not really on loyalty

13. Advocating

13.1. Environment

13.1.1. If I can't have an office, how about ad-hoc reservations of a conference room?

13.1.2. If my desk has to be in the bullpen, I'd like to be able to step away and work elsewhere occasionally even if it's at a desk elsewhere.

13.1.3. I'll find a way, maybe a red flag on my desk, to indicate that I can't be disturbed.

13.1.4. In order to have more space to spread out, I'd like a second desk for more surface area.

13.1.5. I'd like to record our conversations so that I can better remember what is important.

13.2. Timing

13.2.1. Weekly meeting to adjust accommodations

13.2.2. Work the core hours then the rest are flexible

13.2.3. Communicate about deadlines and their affect on my productivity if they drive up my anxiety

13.2.4. Communication about the pace I'm trying to keep and my baseline commitments each day

14. Story of what my best day at Vecna would look like