Keller ISD vs. Fort Worth ISD

Board meeting differences by district

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Keller ISD vs. Fort Worth ISD by Mind Map: Keller ISD vs. Fort Worth ISD

1. Topics Discussed

1.1. School Curriculum

1.2. Improvement Plan

1.3. Digital Curriculum

2. Atmosphere

2.1. Light-hearted

2.2. Laughter

3. Shocking Moments

3.1. Behavior was all civil despite the warning

3.2. Attention to exceeding class size by one student

4. Topics Discussed

4.1. New School Zone Boundaries

5. Atmosphere

5.1. Strict

5.2. People Crying

5.3. Tension and Anger

6. Shocking Moments

6.1. Speakers were too out of hand and warned that they would have to leave the room if they did not act respectfully

6.2. Board members handled situation calmly despite the upset community