There are 4 segments

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There are 4 segments by Mind Map: There are 4 segments

1. Affordable segment

1.1. The focused market in the North The highlight of this segment is the cheap beer price, suitable for low-income common workers

1.2. Income: customers often have low income from 3-4 million / month • Gender: Male • Product price: VND 200-240,000 / carton / 24lon • Age range: 16-25 • Region: most of the North and the South • Taste: normal but bitter, making it difficult to drink

2. General segment

2.1. this is the segment that stretches from the North to the South, each brand has a specific product line for this segment

2.2. • Income: customers have income from 7-8 million / month • Gender: male and female • Product price: 250-300,000vnd / carton / 24lon • Age range: 20-40 • Region: North-Central-South • Taste: normal but bitter taste will be reduced more easily to drink

3. Near High-end segment

3.1. the companies have applied to new technology products and do not cause headaches after drinking.

3.2. • Income: customers have income from 15-20 million / month • Gender: male and female • Product price: 300-350,000vnd / carton / 24lon • Age range: 22-50 • Region: North and South • Taste:, the taste of beer is much easier to drink than the previous two segments

4. High-end segment

4.1. In this segment, customers not only want to enjoy great beer flavors but also want to express themselves and class through the use of famous beer brands from foreign countries

4.2. • Income: customers have income more than 20 million / month • Gender: Male and female • Product price: 350,000 vnd / carton / 24lon • Age range: 27-40 • Region: north and south • Taste: easy-to-drink taste is not too different from the high-end segment, but customers choose these product lines because of both the brand's flavor and brand name.