cancer and alzheimer's disease

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cancer and alzheimer's disease by Mind Map: cancer and alzheimer's disease

1. interaction of breast tumor with AD

1.1. Steven lehner et al 2019

2. cell cycle and dysregulation involved in developing AD and cancer

2.1. shohreh majid et all 2019

2.1.1. tissue imaging to predict OS in glioma Powell Reid Trenton et al 2017

3. occurrence of Cancer and AD increases with age but with inverse relationship

3.1. Massimo musicoo et al 2013

4. cell cycle pathway study

4.1. Timothy liu et al 2013

5. whether cancer is associated with AD or vascular dementia

5.1. CM roe et al 2010

5.2. inverse association btw cancer and AD

5.2.1. shafi O et al 2016

5.2.2. Romero JP et all 2014

6. immune profile in blood and csf in AD patients

6.1. gerolueg et al 2015

7. amyloid beta enriched in glioma tumors

7.1. lilia Y.Kucheryavyk et al 2019

8. relationship of tumor and AD with respect to age

8.1. Lehrer Steven et al 2018

8.1.1. Ji eulene 2019

9. survivors of cancer have low risk of AD

9.1. Laura frain et al 2017