Experimentor Strategy (3-5 years)

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Experimentor Strategy (3-5 years) by Mind Map: Experimentor Strategy (3-5 years)

1. To-Be Business Model

1.1. Strategic Plan (to be developed)

1.2. Total Package (TP)

1.2.1. High-end Coaching (70%) Content Keywords: processes, systems, methods, frameworks, models, blueprints Delivery Methods Courses Programs Coaching Engagements Implementation (end-to-end)

1.2.2. Tech Services (30%) LMS Custom Implementations Integrations Process Automation

1.2.3. Product Roadmap to be created Lean Startup to be used

1.3. Tactical Plan (1y)

1.3.1. 4W Plan Website Tweeks TP1 Definition Key Messages, Value Proposition Course Plan Delivery Methods Lead Magnet for TP1

1.3.2. Jan-Feb TP1 Development Landing Page TP1 Course Development Prepare Delivery Channels? Marketing

1.3.3. March TP1 Launch Traffic Launch Model


2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. Experience in Process Design

2.1.2. Degree in E-Learning

2.1.3. Fair level of tech skills

2.1.4. Web/Visual Design

2.2. Weakenesses

2.2.1. Limited Time

2.2.2. No List/Mkt. Exposure

2.2.3. Limited $

2.2.4. Insuficcient Knowledge Create Knowledge Repository Create Learning Plan

2.3. Opportunities

2.3.1. Chris Badgett

2.3.2. Market Trends

2.4. Threats

2.4.1. to be identified