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Civil War by Mind Map: Civil War

1. Abraham Lincoln

1.1. Leadership

1.1.1. President Lincoln was a very humble hardworking individual.

1.1.2. From a young age,he learned the ability to persuade people even judges.

1.1.3. He was disciplined and learned a lot without a set education.

1.2. Views/Beliefs

1.2.1. He was the leader of the Republicans who wanted to end slavery

1.2.2. He was able to gain many supporters from the North and wanted to end the spread of slavery in the West.

1.2.3. He believed that war was inevitable as both sides had too much conflict/tension

1.3. Military Stategies

1.3.1. He wanted to blockade all Southern coasts.

1.3.2. The Anaconda plan was brought to block the coast and eliminate the Confederates from getting supplies from abroad.

1.3.3. He wanted to control the Mississippi River

2. Union

2.1. Political aims

2.1.1. They wanted to get rid of the Confederates and cease the South.

2.1.2. They wanted to abolish slavery all throughout the US.

2.1.3. They wanted to Conquer the South and then add them into the Union so we can become one country again.

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. The Union had 23 states with a population of 22 million

2.2.2. They had 120,000 factories producing every kind of product you can think of

2.2.3. Started with 16,000 men but ended war with around 1 million soldiers.

2.3. How they fought

2.3.1. They were determined to win every fight and push the South down.

2.3.2. They wanted "Total War" by eliminating food supplies to the militaries in the Confederates.

2.3.3. They wanted to shatter the morale of the Confederates so they have no will to fight.

3. Confederates

3.1. Political aim

3.1.1. They believed in slavery and wanted to keep their rights.

3.1.2. They wanted to be independent from the North.

3.1.3. They seceded so that they could defend their beliefs and keep slavery.

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. The Confederates had 11 states with a population of 9 million which was less then the Union

3.2.2. They also had less factories with 20,000 so they didn't have as much resources

3.2.3. 900,000 soldiers fought for the Confederates over the course of the war.

3.3. How they fought

3.3.1. They relied on their very good generals to be tactical and find ways to fight in the war.

3.3.2. The war was on their turf so they knew their terrain much better. This became an advantage for them.

3.3.3. They had a desire to fight for their beliefs so they didn't back down easily.

4. Jefferson Davis

4.1. Leadership

4.1.1. Davis had integrity and was one with his people

4.1.2. He was very decisive and made the right decisions at the right time.

4.1.3. He picked quality men to serve him causing the war to last much longer then expected.

4.2. Views/Beliefs

4.2.1. He was the leader of the Confederates who believed in Slavery

4.2.2. He was a strong believer in the Constitution, and wanted everyone to follow it.

4.2.3. He believed that the South should be independent and have their own laws.

4.3. Military Strategies

4.3.1. They defended their area with smart postioning

4.3.2. They used their terrain to their advantage and fought smartly.

4.3.3. They focused their forces in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.