Samantha Staats Mind Map

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Samantha Staats Mind Map by Mind Map: Samantha Staats Mind Map

1. LIFE EXPECTANCY 88 YEARS! This was very unexpected. I am lucky that I do not have any genetic diseases in my family.

2. CHILDREN? This is a topic I'm 50/50 on I do want children and think I'd be a good parent but I want to have children later in life than people expect me to. I want to get a good career first.

3. Depression Inventory resulted in possible mild depression. I feel generally content/happy most of the time. However, I am in a time in my life that is stressful. I work full time and go to school and have to figure out my life.

4. Anxiety Scale indicated that I am having normal levels on anxiety, I do get anxious sometimes but it doesn't consume my life. I don't feel more anxious than others.

5. EAS Temperament Scale Distress: 3.25, Fearfulness: 3, Anger: 3.25, Activity 3.5, Sociability: 3.5 On almost all of these I am above average on the scale. This does not surprise me I am a very emotional person that tends to get angrier than the average bear, BUT I am working on that. I'd like to be a calmer person

6. Stress Checklist - 166 this indicates moderate stress. I believe this to be because this is my first semester at college. I do not have many triggers in my life and suspect my next semester to go more smoothly.

7. BIOFEEDBACK - I enjoyed this exercise. I found myself most stressed during traffic (the dot turned light green) and really relaxed during dinner which is my favorite part of the day.

8. The Big Five - I am open-minded and enjoy new ideas. For Conscientiousness I tend to do things somewhat haphazardly (I'm disorganized). I am extroverted and very social. In the middle with being agreeable. For Negative Emotionality I tend to get anxious.

9. Your responses suggested a moderate automatic preference for Arab Muslims over Other People. - I found this test to be very hard. I am very bad at figuring out which names go to which kind of person. I was very young when 9/11 happened and don't feel any kind of prejudice against Muslim people.

10. Body Image Test - I got a 9/36, I am mostly OK with myself but I do get self-conscious and want to improve on my weight. I do think that most people feel this way.

11. Achievement Motivation Scale - My score was 17/22, which is moderate need for achievement I would say this describes me pretty well. I want to do well in life but I'm not overly stressed about it.

12. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Screening Quiz - Result : 0 I do not have ANY OCD tendencies. I feel terrible for the people who do suffer from this mental illness as they cannot control it and it causes them pain and anxiety.