Samantha Staats Mind Map

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Samantha Staats Mind Map by Mind Map: Samantha Staats Mind Map

1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Screening Quiz - Result : 0 I do not have ANY OCD tendencies. I feel terrible for the people who do suffer from this mental illness as they cannot control it and it causes them pain and anxiety.

2. LIFE EXPECTANCY 88 YEARS! This was very unexpected. I am lucky that I do not have any genetic diseases in my family.

3. CHILDREN? This is a topic I'm 50/50 on I do want children and think I'd be a good parent but I want to have children later in life than people expect me to. I want to get a good career first.

4. Depression Inventory resulted in possible mild depression. I feel generally content/happy most of the time. However, I am in a time in my life that is stressful. I work full time and go to school and have to figure out my life.

5. Anxiety Scale indicated that I am having normal levels on anxiety, I do get anxious sometimes but it doesn't consume my life. I don't feel more anxious than others.

6. EAS Temperament Scale Distress: 3.25, Fearfulness: 3, Anger: 3.25, Activity 3.5, Sociability: 3.5 On almost all of these I am above average on the scale. This does not surprise me I am a very emotional person that tends to get angrier than the average bear, BUT I am working on that. I'd like to be a calmer person

7. Stress Checklist - 166 this indicates moderate stress. I believe this to be because this is my first semester at college. I do not have many triggers in my life and suspect my next semester to go more smoothly.

8. BIOFEEDBACK - I enjoyed this exercise. I found myself most stressed during traffic (the dot turned light green) and really relaxed during dinner which is my favorite part of the day.

9. The Big Five - I am open-minded and enjoy new ideas. For Conscientiousness I tend to do things somewhat haphazardly (I'm disorganized). I am extroverted and very social. In the middle with being agreeable. For Negative Emotionality I tend to get anxious.

10. Your responses suggested a moderate automatic preference for Arab Muslims over Other People. - I found this test to be very hard. I am very bad at figuring out which names go to which kind of person. I was very young when 9/11 happened and don't feel any kind of prejudice against Muslim people.

11. Body Image Test - I got a 9/36, I am mostly OK with myself but I do get self-conscious and want to improve on my weight. I do think that most people feel this way.

12. Achievement Motivation Scale - My score was 17/22, which is moderate need for achievement I would say this describes me pretty well. I want to do well in life but I'm not overly stressed about it.