There Is a Better Way

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There Is a Better Way by Mind Map: There Is a Better Way

1. The Default Life of Humanity

1.1. Closed mind.

1.2. Hardened heart.

1.3. Living for pleasure.

2. The Extraordinary Life God Intends

2.1. Renewed mind.

2.2. Renewed heart.

2.3. New life.

2.3.1. Honesty instead of deceit.

2.3.2. Righteous anger instead of unrighteous.

2.3.3. Generosity instead of selfishness.

2.3.4. Encouraging words instead of profane ones.

2.3.5. Kindness and forgiveness instead of hate and bitterness.

3. The Eternal Life God Guarantees

3.1. Intimate with God.

3.2. Saved and secure.