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Meeting by Mind Map: Meeting

1. Jane Demo

2. Johnny Appleseed

3. Participants

3.1. John Demo

4. Agenda

4.1. Agenda Review

4.2. Define upcoming goals

4.2.1. Agree launch date

4.2.2. Finalize copy!

4.3. Main Discussion

4.4. Next Steps

4.4.1. Johnny to prepare PR

4.4.2. John and Jane call partners

5. Goals

5.1. Position as market leader

5.2. Convert incoming traffic

5.3. Provide better client interaction

6. Legend

6.1. Everyday of my life is a learning experience. I am constantly learning from others, and continuing my education, either by school or by watching and observing. I look at each day as a learning experience and look forward to how it may impact my life. I know not to sweat the small things and find even when I am in the teaching role that I am constantly getting something out of it as well.

7. Action Items

7.1. Action Item 1

7.2. Action Item 2

8. Notes