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JELLYWEB evolution by Mind Map: JELLYWEB evolution
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JELLYWEB evolution


discarded node

very active jellies

to be done

very active persons


to be done


to be done


Map of Alternative Education (NextEdu, presente!)

Map of Alternative Education Initiatives and Institutions

interesting indicator concept (thx Daniel for the hint),

Coworker Toolbox

Open Topic Hangouts, ... collaborative "telepresence" setting assembled to a working environment based on some free tools

CoLabWeb - hybrid-global network of coworker labs

"coworking laboratory" - impulse (after JW12): by Gunasekar C Rajaratnam,

related ideas / movements / causes, maker movement, The maker movement's potential for education, jobs and innovation is growing - O'Reilly Radar, The Maker Movement Creates Jobs | PCWorld, science without borders, e.g., citizen science projects, e.g. collaboration of scientists, software developers and educators, e.g., google query


e.g. regul. hangouts

meetup conventions are recommended as an "organic growth" strategy, e.g. a convention to have a jelly on 1st friday in a month increases the possibility to have virtual meetings / video chats in "apt timezone corridors / gateways" (effect: critical mass, high serendipity), if the intensity of a collaboration is growing then the frequency can rise (effect: scalability)

JellyWeek Quilt

Jelly Social Currency

more to be done ... meanwhile check the overview ...

project overview of #JELLYWEEK 2012


to be done

events / dates


FEB 03 Jellyfriday #J104, Brazil + #Jxxx Oslo, Norway, Jellyfriday at Moleque de ideias, Niterói, RJ, IMAGES Jellyfridays 2012 at Moleque de ideias, #coffee neighborhood network that distributes coffee and knowledge about coffee, #urban #agriculture, (Portuguese), IMAGES, facebook thread






examples of an offer

models of coworking

models of coworking space

2012 / Exceptional coworking space models ::: Deskmag - The Coworking Magazine, (1) Temporary spaces - paying w/benefits - career centers, (2) Niche coworking spaces, sponsorships ..., (3) Helping coworking members interact ::: Deskmag - The Coworking Magazine

What is this? How to use it?

Purpose: Making valuable information accessible, findable and editable. Creating orientation.

Explore the unfolding evolution!

Context: This map has been created after the #JELLYWEEK 2012.

Why this map? "Facebook groups" are fine "to keep you updated". Means: they function like a board or a blog. But they are a bad choice to organize knowledge. See the Wikipedia, which is based on the wiki concept. As this map grows we might transform it into a wiki later. In the moment a mind map is fine.

Dear User! Your input here is valuable and appreciated.

I really like simple and smart solutions. Especially when they are upward compatible. Means: No input should get lost in the case that this knowledge repository migrates to some other, more capable platform! (Willi)


How to do a line break?, hold shift + press return

Who started this map?

Willi Schroll

dimensions of the evolution

skill sharing + learn together

same place, cowo space: invite now target groups, intergenerational learning, kids + experience learning, make an event e.g. "Learn Jelly" - find a partner to learn/train a language (or programming, ...), model/example:

remote / hybrid, find a language partner, model/example:

long term

help + support instantly to answer or solve a problem

twitter with hashtags #jellyweb #help

the precondition. that this works is to make the hashtag channel #jellyweb known and used!!!

-> 2do build a hashtag map (+ gho), + announce it in the channels

Cowo Sourcing

crowdsourcing in research

Community of Practice / Knowledge Community

Related Mind Map "JELLYWEB - the many ways" (old, discarded)