My book review :Fing

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My book review :Fing by Mind Map: My book review :Fing

1. the parents have to found out what is a fING TO SPOILED HER DAUGHTER.

2. Ratburger, Demon Dentist and Awful Auntie.

2.1. fictional genres and fantastics stories.

3. Good sense of humour of David Walliams.

3.1. amazing creativity

3.1.1. different level of imagination

4. The author:David Walliams

4.1. date of birth: August 17 in 1957

4.1.1. "Dahl finally has a worthy successor", telegraph

4.2. The biggest selling children’s author

4.2.1. started writing since the year 2000.

4.3. Books in over fifty-three languages, over sold twenty-six million worldwide.

5. The content:

5.1. humour for kids

5.1.1. funny ,surreal tall story two sweestest parents and their unbelievably monstrous daughter

5.2. "FING" is about a child who had everything but still wanted more, all that just one wanted is a fing.


6.1. Myrtle declares she want a fing there is only one problem…what is a fing?

6.2. They consult ed the mysterious Monsterpedia

6.3. On a terrifying and troublesome journey they discoverd the thing Fing , a monster..

7. The characters:

7.1. A "FING" a thing that is indefined

7.1.1. monster with two holes one of which is its mouth

7.2. Protagonists:

7.2.1. FLAT characters Mr Maurice Meek the father ,librarian Mrs Meredith Meek the mother, librarian A "FING" a thing that is indefined a fluffy one eyed ball shaped monster

7.2.2. Myrtle Meek the daughter the girl that always want more and more spoiled daughter rude


7.2.4. Antagonist: "Just founded only in the deepest,darkest; jungliest jungle " (PAGE 68-69)

8. Websites, sources

8.1. Fing Book Reviews | Toppsta

8.2. Fing

8.3. Books - The World of David Walliams

9. My personal opinion:

9.1. easy to read and understand

9.2. an incredible narration

9.2.1. I recommended the book beacuse is a book very funny with his unique style of reading of th author

9.2.2. his unique way of storytelling

9.2.3. the funny footnotes.

10. The meaning of book

10.1. the title meaning

10.1.1. "Fing" is the thing that Myrtle want indefined thing, monster

10.1.2. hard to find

10.2. the author style

10.2.1. comedic books and funny tales

10.2.2. the humouristic

10.2.3. familiar vocabulary for kids. "Please could we put back this one incy wincy suckle bag?"

11. The book as an object

11.1. general layout and outlook:

11.1.1. the title is on the middle up of the front cover

11.1.2. above the title is the author's name

11.1.3. below the title is the tagline

11.1.4. the cover illustration takes all the front cover


11.2.1. Myrtle in the top of the MONSTER "FING". a ball of orange hair strange creature

11.2.2. Below are Myrtle's parents trying to follow the Fing monster

11.2.3. Around the creature are sweets and candie

11.2.4. Publication year Great britain , 2019