Am I Playing IN TUNE? 🤔

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Am I Playing IN TUNE? 🤔 by Mind Map: Am I Playing IN TUNE? 🤔

1. Am I breathing 2 full counts of air in?

2. Am I breathing from my diaphragm?

3. Can I hear the full ensemble?

4. Am I "Listening Down"?


6. Is my instrument in tune?

6.1. Am I warmed up?

6.2. Is my instrument warmed up to room temperature?

6.3. Is it cold or hot out?

6.3.1. Have an idea of where your mouthpiece/tuning slide should generally be

6.4. Did I use a Tuner?

6.4.1. Tuning sequence, THEN look at the tuner

7. Balance

7.1. Am I "Listening Down"?

7.2. Listening Trios

7.3. Can I hear myself?

7.4. Can I hear my neighbors?

7.4.1. Listen for the Tuba or Bass Guitar

7.5. Can I hear my section?

8. Best Possible Sound

8.1. Am I thinking about making a good sound?

8.2. Did I use a Drone note?

8.3. Is my embouchure set before I play?

9. Blend

9.1. Am I trying to make my Best Possible Sound?

9.2. Am I fitting into the sound of other instruments in my section?

9.2.1. Sit up. Back off the chair.

9.2.2. Open, round sound

9.2.3. Can I help make my section sound like only one of us is playing?