Self-Analysis of April Wechsler

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Self-Analysis of April Wechsler by Mind Map: Self-Analysis of April Wechsler

1. Depression Inventory: I may have an off day every once in awhile but I do not have any signs of depression.

1.1. On the depression scale I had a score of eight.

2. Anxiety Scale: I have excessive anxiety levels according to the Taylor Manifest Anxiety test.

2.1. I get easily stressed or anxious doing common everyday tasks.

3. Why I Might (or Might Not) Want to Have Children: Considering my current career goals, I do not plan to have children until I am financially stable and have a successful career.

4. EAS Temperament: Emotion- 1.75 I am not very emotional. Distress- 1.75 I am sometimes anxious and occasionally stressed. Social- 3.25 I am not extroverted nor introverted. Activity- 3.5 I am very active through my hobbies and work. Anger- 1.75 I am grounded and level-headed. Fearfulness- 2.75 I am fearless.

5. Biofeedback Exercise: My biodot stayed Turquoise throughout the day. I was not very stressed on this day.

6. College Students Stressful Events Checklist: As a college student, I have moderate to severe stress levels depending on if I have due dates coming up.

7. Big 5 Personality Inventory: Open Mindedness Extraversion Conscientiousness Agreeableness Negative Emotionality

8. Implicit Associations- Muslim/Arab: "Moderate automatic preference for Arab Muslims over other people." Race: "No automatic preference between Black and white people."