My Self-Analysis


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My Self-Analysis by Mind Map: My Self-Analysis

1. Anxiety

1.1. High level of anxiety

1.2. I'm anxious in many stressful situations. After trying to do something for a long time, I get to anxious and don't know what to do.

2. Depression

2.1. Moderate depression

2.2. I sometimes feel like what I do isn't much and it's just to complete a goal I set a long time ago, but it still has importance.

3. EAS Temperament Scale

3.1. Emotionality

3.1.1. Distress: High

3.1.2. Fearfulness: High

3.1.3. Anger: Average

3.2. Activity: Average

3.3. Sociability: Average

4. Biofeedback Exercise

4.1. Turquoise - Relaxing

4.2. Breathing, listening to music, doing low amounts of homework keep me calm.

4.3. Sometimes family is what makes me a little stressed.

5. Big 5 Personalities

5.1. Open-Mindedness

5.1.1. You sometimes seek new experiences.

5.2. Conscientiousness

5.2.1. You tend to do things somewhat haphazardly.

5.3. Extraversion

5.3.1. You are neither particularly social or reserved.

5.4. Agreeableness

5.4.1. You find it easy to express irritation with others.

5.5. Negative Emotionality

5.5.1. You are a generally anxious person and tend to worry about things.

6. Implicit Association Test

6.1. No automatic preference between Dark Skinned People and Light Skinned People

7. I might want to have children

7.1. I feel that it will be an exciting and life fulfilling experience.

8. College Student's Stressful Events

8.1. Moderate stress levels

9. Life expectancy

9.1. I would live to be 85 years old.