Iraq War: Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities

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Iraq War: Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities by Mind Map: Iraq War: Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities

1. United Nations' RESPONSIBILITY to keep the world safe VS. Iraq's FREEDOM to Develop Weapons

1.1. Explanation: The United Nations implemented economic sanctions against Iraq with the aim to slow down the development of lethal weapons (ex. chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons). UN also had frequent inspections throughout Iraq to see if it has actually complied to the resolution. However, Iraq continued to flout UN's regulations, leading to another UN resolution to demand Iraq to comply with all its previous resolutions and allow inspectors to check.

1.1.1. UN's Responsibility: Lethal weapons can cause mass destruction. Once fall into the wrong hands, can lead to millions of death in war. In order to prevent mass death and keeping the world and its citizens safe, the United Nations have to take responsibility and use its leverage on Iraq to prevent the country from developing lethal weapons and supporting terrorists groups. Although it is later on found to be fake and Iraq actually stopped doing these things.

1.1.2. Iraq's Freedom: It is Iraq's freedom to do whatever they want with their money and power within their own country. A country has its freedom to develop technology and weapons on its will. It can also freely support any groups within the country. In addition, Iraq learned its lesson before the war started and stopped manufacturing lethal weapons.

1.1.3. US officials said to warn of potential new Iran threat to forces, interests

1.2. Image:

1.3. Who Wins the Conflict: In the end, the United Nations win over this conflict as the UN is on the righteous/just side. Although Iraq can freely develop lethal weapons and support terrorist groups, the consequences of these actions are huge: millions of death, chaos, and international conflict (war). So, the UN's actions are right to prevent these terrible things from happening.

2. United States and Britain's RIGHT to declare war on Iraq VS. Iraq's RIGHT to extend the inspection time

2.1. Explanation: Although Iraq seemed to be complying to the UN resolutions, the US President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair still declared that Iraq is preventing UN inspections and still obtain armed lethal weapons. Without any evidence, and seeking no further diplomacy, Bush declared war on Iraq.

2.1.1. US and UK's Right: Although it is wrong for countries to declare war on another country without any evidence but simply claims, but since the United States and United Kingdom are very powerful countries, they do have the right to do so. It is the right of US and UK to freely declare war on other countries with a somewhat proper reason as nobody is likely to go against them. In addition, they fabricated evidence that Iraq is manufacturing lethal weapons and the leader is supporting terrorists.

2.1.2. Iraq's Right: It is Iraq's right, at that time, to demand for an extension of inspection time and further diplomacy to prevent war from happening. Because the US and UK had no evidence of what they claimed Iraq was doing, but they are simply making conclusions based on certain facts. Iraq can simply extend the inspection time and prove, to the rest of the world, that they are complying with the UN resolutions, instead of forced into war by US and UK. Because Iraq was actually complying to the resolutions and stopped making weapons, the US and UK are simple making fake claims.

2.1.3. Iraq Leader Saddam:

2.2. Image:

2.3. Who Wins the Conflict: Although it is clear that Iraq is on the just side of this conflict, but the US and UK still win over this conflict. It is clear that the US and UK had their own intentions behind this war, as they started the war by only claiming certain things to be true without any evidence to prove it. The US and UK sought war without further diplomacy, and it is proven that their reason of starting the war is improper, the two countries should not just start a war with Iraq without a proper reason and evidence, it is unjust. However, in a conflict, just does not matter; the side that wins is always the side that is more powerful and wins the war. In this case, the US and UK won the Iraq war, therefore they get to write the history and they won the conflict.

3. United States' and United Kingdom's RIGHT to invade Iraq and demand its leader to leave VS Iraq's leader's RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to control his own country

3.1. Explanation: The United States, upon issuing the order to Iraq that will lead to war, also demanded the Iraq leader Sadam to leave Iraq to prevent war from starting. However, the leader Sadam, arrogant enough to believe that Iraq is powerful enough to fight the US and UK, refused to leave and the war initiated.

3.1.1. The US and UK's Right: It is the countries' right to choose to invade another country with a "proper" reason/claim. Especially for countries like the US and UK, where they are powerful around the globe, so they have freedom to choose to start a war with their claimed reason and evidence. It is their right to get what they wanted by starting a war as they have the power to do so.

3.1.2. Iraq's leader's Right: Iraq's leader Saddam has the right to remain in his own country and act freely in Iraq. Saddam is the leader of Iraq, therefore has the responsibility to control the country and not surrender to the US. Regardless of his thinking, he has the right and the responsibility to take care of his own country.

3.2. Image of War:

3.3. Who Wins the Conflict: In this case, the US and UK's right to declare war and invade Iraq wins over the right and responsibility of the Iraq leader. Because just as the conflict above, when it comes to war, the more powerful side (the side that wins the war) wins this conflict. The one that is more powerful, strong, and wins gets to decide how this entire war goes in history. The US and UK 's right rules over Iraq leader's right as the Iraq leader lost the war, was captured, and executed. Another reason is because the leader was also manufacturing dangerous weapons and supporting terrorist groups that caused many small conflicts and death in his own country. Therefore, the US and UK's declaration of war is forcing the leader to leave and cause no other harm to the country and its citizens.

4. General Information

4.1. The Iraq War in this mindmap and this entire project is the Iraq-USA War that has happened from 2003-2011. This Iraq War is the conflict between mainly the US and Iraq.

4.2. Main questions considered in this mind map:

4.2.1. - Is there any Universal Values and Rights being violated in this conflict? - Whose rights and freedom are being harmed? - What are some conflicting rights, freedoms, and responsibilities? - Which side has more responsibility in the conflicting rights and freedom? - Which side wins over the conflicts?