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Idioms by Mind Map: Idioms

1. ACT ON sth to do something because you have been given information, advice, or orders "Unsure of the word, the recipient found two contradictory meanings in his dictionary. He acted on the wrong one."

2. TRACE BACK TO To derive from something or someone: “Things spiralled out of control because both parties were thinking the opposite.”

3. SPIN/SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL To continue getting worse, more erratic, or more unmanageable. “Things spiralled out of control because both parties were thinking the opposite.”

4. TURN OUT To result or end up as; to be ultimately discovered or considered to be (something). "The non-native speakers, it turns out, speak more purposefully and carefully, typical of someone speaking a second or third language"

5. UP ONE'S GAME A phrase that you say to someone when you want them to be better at what their doing "With non-native English speakers in the majority worldwide, it’s Anglophones who may need to up their game.

6. TAKE STH AT A FACE VALUE To accept or trust someone or something based only on an initial or superficial presentation, without taking further proof, verification, or investigation into account. "But other nationalities would take the word “interesting” on face value"

7. COME UP WITH to suggest or think of an idea or plan: "Despite being competent in English, the Germans gleaned only the gist of what their American project leader said. So among themselves they came up with an agreed version"

8. A FINE LINE BETWEEN two different activities or situations, there is a point at which they are very similar, often when one activity or situation is acceptable, and the other is not. "But there’s a fine line between doing that and being patronising"

9. WALK A TIGHTROPE To do something that requires extreme care and precision; to navigate a situation that allows very little or no error. "Since there's been talk of layoffs, I've been walking a tightrope at work to prove how valuable I am"

10. MAKE A POINT To effectively communicate or explain one's opinion, idea, or point of view. "He recommends making the same point in a couple of different ways and asking for some acknowledgement, reaction or action"