Leah's Global Citizenship Journey

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Leah's Global Citizenship Journey by Mind Map: Leah's Global Citizenship Journey

1. Reflection

1.1. I believe this class has increased my global citizenship by introducing me to global ideas and movements.

1.2. I believe this class has opened doors for me to become an active member of my community and my world

1.3. This class has made me examine my beliefs and has allowed me to see them in a new light and helped me to form new beliefs.

1.4. In this class, I have learned how to make a difference and how to be a better global citizen and neighbor.

2. Events Attendance

2.1. The event where Eva Zaret spoke about her experience in the Holocaust was a once in a lifetime experience. It was a glimpse into history and was a heartfelt message about letting go of hate.

2.2. Take Back the Night was a great event to be a part of something bigger. It was exhilarating to stand up for something and be apart of a community.

2.3. Listening to Tiq Milan was very inspirational. To hear all of the knowledge and experience he had to share gave me a new perspective about the boxes we place people in and the expectation we expect form people. It helped me to realize the key to peace is to accept people for who they are.

3. Course Reading & Videos

3.1. The video “We Should All Be Feminists” changed my perspective on what being a feminist means.

3.2. Dahlqvist’s book: It’s Only Blood. This book helped me understand the challenges of menstruation around the world

3.3. The videos presented in class helped me to understand people’s beliefs and ideas.

4. SEPO Projet

4.1. The SEPO Project really increased my global citizenship by opening my eye to the realities in other part of the world. Being able to see the actual places, people, and cultures we were partnered with allowed me a chance to be apart of something bigger than just our class.

4.2. Through the SEPO Project, I also had the opportunity to learn about the educational system within Zambia. I was able to compare it to my own experience and see the differences.

4.3. Seeing the struggles within Zambia life allowed me to analyze my own life and opportunities available to me that are not available to other individuals around the world. Being aware of this knowledge allowed me to look for ways I could give back to my community and globally.

5. Sustainable Development Goals

5.1. Researching my Sustainable Development Goal allowed me to understand the role women play in stewarding the land all around the world.

5.2. Making the Poster for the school in Zambia allowed me to feel like I was making a global difference by charing the knowledge I learned with other people in another part of the world.

5.3. Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals gave me the realization that even though we may not seem connected because we live so far away from other people in this world, we share this planet and it is all of our jobs to make it better.

6. Ways I was a Global Citizen

6.1. Volunteering through Feed My Starving Children