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Brand YOU! by Mind Map: Brand YOU!

1. Difference

1.1. I work extremely hard

1.1.1. I find joy in working late hours Knowledge is power Merit is the ultimate judge

1.2. Grattitude

2. My Pitch

2.1. Go-getter

2.1.1. Problem solver I do the things that other people hate I work to achieve, not to complete

3. Power

3.1. Never completing work without being proud of it.

3.1.1. Working for free. Having no expectations of getting anything Completing more work than most all other workers

3.2. never taking no for an answer

3.2.1. Always being a man of "yes" nature. Doing things that most others won't.

4. Loyalty

4.1. Doing the work that needs to be done

4.1.1. Working as if each task is the most important Never forgetting that I have the opportunity that others don't Always being credible: showing up on time, completing projects on time, going above and beyond the expectation

5. Future

5.1. Doing what continually makes me happy

5.1.1. Never working for something that I cannot stand for Becoming one of the most influential people on earth Being able to sustain steady, constant and consistent growth